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The Summer's Must-Have BBQ Gadgets

Get ready for the Bank Holiday weekend and National Barbecue Week (from May 28) with these magical gizmos


Meater Probe

What is it? It’s a thermometer for your meat. But it’s cleverer than your bog-standard mercury/glass tube combo. There’s an app that lets you monitor its progress, or you can connect it to Alexa then simply ask how long your food has left to cook.

Why you need it: Well, it’d be awful if you undercooked your meat. Best case scenario: everyone talks about you behind your back. Worst case scenario? Everyone talks about you behind your back, then dies.

The Summer's Must-Have BBQ Gadgets

BBQ Dragon

What is it? Essentially, it’s a fan. It will supply your coals with large amounts of oxygen allowing you to quickly and efficiently light a roaring fire which will soon have you cooking away on white-hot coals.

Why you need it? Because reaching for a can of petrol when you suddenly realise your fire went out 30 minutes ago is never a good look, especially when everyone thought they’d be eating by now and it’s starting to rain.

The Summer's Must-Have BBQ Gadgets 1

Coolest Cooler

What is it? It’s a drinks cooler. It’s also a Bluetooth speaker, phone charger, bottle opener, corkscrew and blender. And it’s got built-in storage for plates, knives and a chopping board. What’s more, it’s so well insulated it’ll keep your ice frozen for four days.

Why you need it: “Has anyone got a charger?” “I brought some beers, but they aren’t cold — is there anywhere I can put them?” “Shall we get some tunes on?” “Who’s up for frozen margaritas?”

The Summer's Must-Have BBQ Gadgets 2

Robotic Grill Cleaner

What is it? Well, it’s a robot that cleans your grill. You simply put it down, turn it on, close the lid and when you return — shiny metal where once there was burnt on animal fat and charcoal that was once a vegetable kebab. Ideal.

Why you need it: When was the last time you actually cleaned your grill just after you barbecued? You know, when the left behind food was still soft and pliable? Exactly. Instead, every barbecue starts with you frantically scrubbing with a steel brush and someone (proudly resisting the urge to help out) proffering the helpful advice, “Don’t worry — the heat will burn off anything dangerous.”

The Summer's Must-Have BBQ Gadgets 3

Pulled Pork Shredder Claws

What is it? It’s a set of claws you can use to tear up normal pork so it more closely resembles the soft strands of meaty deliciousness you pay through the nose for at street-food events.

Why you need it: Imagine, for a second, if you were serving pork that wasn’t pulled. It was just normal pork. And then imagine your most hipster mate is coming to your barbecue — the one who dismissed your homebrewed IPA as “too mainstream” because you mentioned it on Twitter. How would you ever live it down?

The Summer's Must-Have BBQ Gadgets 4