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London’s best chicken wing joints

Chicken in London. London chicken.


Randy’s Wing Bar

London’s best chicken wing joints 10

Randy’s is here to introduce your uncouth soul to wings with some extra savoir vivre. Proper plates, inspired sauce and garnish – you’re in for a treat here. There’s the classic Buffalo for those that don’t-like-change-and-never-will-so-stop-asking, alongside the pineapple, coriander and Sichuan pepper Gong Bao, which will split the damn room. Worth mentioning there’s 19 bourbons and 20 whiskies to swig down like you’re a true sophisticate (and you haven’t mixed them with coke), and if you’re looking for eclectic cocktails with names that are fun to say, you’re in the right spot.  

Ninth Ward

London’s best chicken wing joints 11

Saloon door walls, red leather bar stools, ye olde paintings and a sporadic scattering of grandfather clocks – Ninth Ward is the perfect spot to avoid an evening of really considering your company’s health care plan, and instead, reimagine your life as a neo-western outlaw or at a push…gentlemanly pirate? Slide up a stool, grab a plate of their classic buffalo wings, and on the empty, subhuman, days of Tuesday and Wednesday, opt for the all you can eat deal for £10, from 5pm to 10pm. Enough to keep even the most bloodthirsty cutthroat quiet for a few minutes. 

Absurd Bird

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Chicken and waffles. Chicken. And waffles. The signature dish of Absurd Bird will test stomachs, friendships, and life expectancy’s, but hey, the place name warned you this wasn’t going to be a normal ‘we’re eating at 11 but this is not brunch’ with the lads. If you’re not keen on the idea of a breakfast and lunch staple smashed them together with a helping of gravy, stick to the wing side of the menu – choosing from smoked garlic parmesan and lemon, BBQ chicken, buffalo chicken and smoked chicken seasoning, along with a fancy flavour of the month option. 

Blues Kitchen

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Blues Kitchen – the home of live music, cocktails you can order without mumbling red-faced into your menu, and experimental burgers promising satisfaction and a cardiac arrest five years down the road. But that’s not all folks! Peruse that appetisers section and you’ll find their trademark buffalo and Szechuan wings, extra saucy, and complete with obligatory blue cheese dip. Order two. Don’t share. 


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When there’s a segment on a menu titled ‘not fried chicken’ it’s fairly easy to make assumptions about the rest of it. But if you’ve decided against BIRD’s holy joining of waffles and chicken, spruced up chicken burgers and drumsticks ‘pops’, you can glide effortlessly to the wings – with 12 different sauces for them to sit with. Swing by on a Wednesday where you can get 12 wings and a beer or soft drink for £10. Then ruin the deal by ordering 12 more. 

Clutch Chicken

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Credit: TimeOut

It’s an inevitable part of life that the once trending, icon-making art becomes yet another way to make a pun about chicken. Clutch Chicken’s crispy fried chicken dish ‘Put A Wing On It’ is worth the two seconds of internal groaning though, with the sweet Honey and Sesame and Spicy Chili coating offering a haven for chicken chomper’s tastebuds. Moreish, and with the right amount of glaze, it’s a side that we can’t help but like, despite pop-culture related reasons not to. 

Patty & Bun

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Patty & Bun? But that’s a burger joint. Wings aren’t burgers” No. You’re right. But they are the humble friends of burgers, and nestle up in the sides, next to that house salad that’s only there for FSA related reasons. You’ve got two wing choices with Patty & Bun – the jalapeno and lime “Thunder Thighs” and the BBQ “Winger Winger Chicken Dinner”. They’re both heavy on the sauce, good enough to order seconds, and yes you have to say their full name when you’re ordering. 

Mother Clucker

London’s best chicken wing joints 14

Ignore the invasive slogan that tells you to ‘come get clucked’. It’s okay. We’re all offended. Focus instead on Mother Clucker’s packed tray of crispy buttermilk chicken wings, sat on an appropriately downplayed plastic tray. Of course, no amount of red plastic is going to change the fact that we’re dealing with posh chicken here, so at £5 a pop you can expect a fancy accompanying lime mayo and homemade pepper sauce, to get all over your T-shirt. 

Honest Burger 

London’s best chicken wing joints 15

Bit of a loaded title. What makes these patties so virtuous? Are all other burgers dishonest? Why have we been staring down hopelessly at our chilli beef burger for 20 minutes now? Grab the side order of Honest Burger’s BBQ chicken wings for a reassuring lack of existential dialogue, and enjoy the generous seasoning and ‘look vegetables!’ scattering of spring onions. Best ordered with chips to mop up the coating of sauce as well. 

Dirty Bones

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When half of Dirty Bones’ menu consists of the very best ‘throw it together and see what happens’ inventions like cayenne and coffee-spiked BBQ sauce and hazelnut-brown butter mayo, there’s a certain amount of apprehension when you get to the wings. But here’s where experimentation takes a back seat, and it’s time for old fashion goodness. Spicy Buffalo wings with a blue cheese that blasts the senses in the best possible way. We’ll take five. 


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After huddling in the sides and appetisers, nestled against twice cooked chips and something with halloumi in, chicken wings are having their moment. At the aptly named Wingmans you’ll find the usual Buffalo and Sweet and Smokey BBQ along with the ‘there will be opinions on this’ Oriental, Signature Hot and veggie option. Admittedly the ‘chicken-less wings’ have a distinct soylent green ring to them, but they’re worth a shot if you’re curious, or have a soft spot for bantams. 


London’s best chicken wing joints 18

At Butchies they put fried chicken in sandwiches, and we think that’s a good thing. They also have salads that don’t have a vague aura of depression hanging over them and award-winning wings. Only in Shoreditch ladies and gentlemen. And while Kimchi Honey-butter wings scream a total disregard for British conservatism, they’re a hop and a skip towards normality in Korean culture and happen to taste pretty incredible. Pair up with cheese fries for some extra artery clenching fun, then wash down with their German draft beer.