Great Innovations In Breakfast

Pulse-quickening dishes that might just coax you out of bed before 3pm this weekend

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Modernised McDonald's

Egg Break, W8

No one ever eats a McDonald's McMuffin in happy times. Oh, the pitying looks from others when they hear you ordering one. "Stay strong, hungover friend," they're saying. "We've stared into the abyss too." Well the Egg Break McMuffin is similar, but crucially also full of cultured things like sambal sauce. One for golden times.

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The Ultimate Full English

Hawksmoor Guildhall, EC2

Got a big day ahead of you? Need fuelling up before hours of feigning interest in your partner's friends? We got you, chum! This is the Full English after a couple of months at finishing school: smoked bacon chop, mutton sausages, grilled bone marrow, short-rib bubble and squeak.


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Perfect Pancakes

Milk, SW12

Resist dogma, comrades! Cut through the shackles of oppression! Don't only eat sweet pancakes on Shrove Tuesday! The talented whisk-wielders at Milk are at the forefront of pancake innovation – these ones are a mattress for cherry, toasted coconut and malt cream.


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Sheer Decadence

Balans Soho Society, W1

Lobster for breakfast. You couldn't, could you? What's next, Mr Big Time... owning two pairs of jeans?! The already gleamingly decadent Eggs Benedict gets elevated here with a helping of the chunky crustacean.


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Meat-packed Glory Bowls

Bad Egg, EC2

Only in our crazy world of sudden Leadsom U-turns could a place called Bad Egg actually do great things with eggs. But it does. Here a lonely fried egg beds down with nduja sausage and crispy potato.

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