The best alternative restaurants to beat London’s longest queues

To queue or not to queue

To queue or not to queue: the restaurant queue killers

For every must-hit restaurant with a line outside, there’s always a similar, easier-to-enter one nearby

To queue or not to queue: Meat Slabs

You’ll be desperately gnawing through your own chubby bits by the time you come to the front of the queue at Smokestak in Shoreditch. If that’s the case, rip your gnashers from your sautéd biceps and roll around the corner to grill disciples Red’s True BBQ – twice as big in terms of grilled meats, tables’n’seats, and gluttonous groanery.


To queue or not to queue: Pizza Slices

If ever there was news worthy of a thousand Italian-chef finger kisses, it was L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele – the century-old "best pizza in the world" spot – opening in Stoke Newington. And you’ll be able to see exactly where from the queues forming up from around 10am. 10am!!! Pop yourself momentarily on the 106 bus and get down to Finsbury’s Yard Sale for a whopping Holy Pepperoni if you find yourself faced with the lunacy.


To queue or not to queue: Indian Sharers

Right behind the wheel of the Indian Small Plate Hype Bus that’s skidding around London right now is Soho’s Kricket – all "downsized dishes", damn delicious and oh my god lets order it all again. It’s everyone’s No1 pick. Talli Joe, on the other hand, has more of a second-class standing-only ticket, but you’re only eight minutes away a tandoori lamb chop that makes up for the kudos deficit.


To queue or not to queue: Chicken Stacks

“Hey! Everybody! Watch me eat Chick’n’Sours for dinner every night after work forever!” – the dream when we heard the birdmasters had opened off Seven Dials. “No, the Ribena IS in the £3 Meal Deal, I can assure you.” – the reality, because there’s a 40-plus minute wait for a table and a world-changing K-Pop bun. Mercifully, MEATmarket, hidden in plain view in the swirling hell vortex of Tourist Town, remains covert enough to give you a fighting chance at a sit-in Buffalo Chicken burger at 7pm on a Friday.

To queue or not to queue: Mexican Bites

We’ve banged the Breddos drum good and hard lately, working you all into a frenzy with the tasty promise of groundbreaking pig’s head pibil tacos. So that big queue? Our fault! We did that. Hold our hands up. Hey, don’t stay mad, though. The Mexican sharing boards at nearby Cielo Blanco are a pretty decent alternative.

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