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London’s best comfort food dishes that feel your pain

Fortifying plates of steaming-hot vigour that'll fuel you during the chillier months ahead

turkish mixed grill plate with adana shish kebab, chicken shish kebab, lamb and meatballs

Fancy Fondue

Whenever something important needs doing urgently, you'll find us dreaming of dipping meat and bread into a bubbling pot of cheese from Neal’s Yard. So it's lucky that winter pop-up The Lodge has returned to Clapham, delivering fondue in abundance, with sides of oysters and shallots, gin-cured salmon and wild boar sausages.
Comfort level: Sitting under a blanket on a porch that overlooks a lake, listening to stories told by a kindly bear.

Comfort food that feels your pain 1

Turkish Treasures

Green Lanes in north London is where "proper" Turkish food lives, no matter what the open-til-6am Doner Demon claims. Head to Hala for a platter of perfectly grilled meat with couscous, rice, and homemade bread. And don’t forget the pide (thin Turkish pizza). Go hungry. Leave fat.
Comfort level: Pulling on your "radiator slippers" that have been baking nicely for 20 minutes.

turkish mixed grill plate with adana shish kebab, chicken shish kebab, lamb and meatballs

Mighty Meats

We’d go to Fowl Mouths just to stand outside and silently despair at the name, but why nitpick when magnificent meat's inside? The Japanese pop-up has a residency in Honor Oak until 16 December. Plenty of time to try the lauded teriyaki chilli wings, ginger and sake pork belly and chicken karaage hirata buns.
Comfort level: Lying on a fur rug in front of a roaring fire in a 1960s cigarette advert.

Comfort food that feels your pain

Beastly BBQ

This is monster food. An eating challenge for big strong boys. When half a chicken isn’t quite comforting enough, The Trading House near Guildhall has got your back. It’s even got a section on the menu called "Home Comforts" featuring gumbo and pork schnitzel.
Comfort level: Eating battenburg cake while watching The Lion King "because your nephew asked you to".

Comfort food that feels your pain 2

Worldly Wise

Why have comfort food if you can have comfort food with a twist? At Smokehouse Islington it arrives via big plates of meat with exotic influences, such as the sticky pork belly with pak choi, red cabbage and bacon kimchi or the short rib bourguignon. Comfort just got smoky.
Comfort level: Sneaking the thermostat up when no one else is looking, then filling up a hot-water bottle too... just in case.

Comfort food that feels your pain 3

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