London’s Best Limited-Edition Burgers

Make sure you grab one of these beasts before they leave menus and nothing is ever the same again

London's Best Limited-Edition Burgers 1
London's Best Limited-Edition Burgers

'Colonel Bernie Sanders' (The Blues Kitchen)

Available until: July 31

Here "democratic socialist" Bernie Sanders becomes one with the globalised fast-food monolith that is KFC. That’s burger logic, guys! This monster is loaded with buttermilk chicken, pickled watermelon, rocket, and ranch dressing. Stabbed into the top is a deep-fried cornball, just in case you were worried it wouldn't take 10 years off your life.

London's Best Limited-Edition Burgers 3

Donald Chump (Patty & Bun)

Available until: TBC

Two patties. Sheer beefy excess. Bundles of protein menace. This burger doesn't just invite you to eat it; it makes you fear the consequences if you don't. The cheeseburger to end all cheeseburgers. Cower before its might.