Outdoor Dining You Haven't Tried Yet

Five exciting places to dine al fresco while the sun is shining

Outdoor Dining You Haven't Tried Yet 5
Outdoor Dining You Haven't Tried Yet

Newington Table (N16)

A new all-day spot with long communal benches outside, so get ready to pull faces when you overhear moaning about “the Chilcot whitewash”. What's really nice is the view overlooking the leafy thrum of Newington Green. There's a summery menu, too: rump steak with blood orange; pork ribeye with rainbow chard.

Outdoor Dining You Haven't Tried Yet 1

German Gymnasium (N1)

Sometimes you’re beaten to an outdoor table and get ushered inside, your free spirit stifled again, and end up gazing tearfully out at the fortunate few. But not here! The terrace is huge, so there’ll be somewhere for you to watch the King’s Cross commuters scuttling by. You can’t go wrong with any of the schnitzels at GG.

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Outdoor Dining You Haven't Tried Yet 2

No197 Chiswick Fire Station (W4)

Chiswick’s getting cooler, you know. A great tide of edginess is washing away the furniture shops and eternal uni-lads in pink shorts. This is a massive upgrade on what used to be an All Bar One, with a great courtyard: there are comfy, cushiony bits and intimate tables. You can get half a rotisserie chicken for a tenner, too.

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Big Easy Crossrail Place (E14)

Part of Crossrail Place’s roof is a leafy packed-lunch paradise. The other part has a terrace that emits a BBQ smokeblast courtesy of Big Easy. It’s on a different level to your masterplan of whacking Wall’s sausages on an £8 charcoal bucket in Shoreditch Park. And remember this Big Easy branch has loads of exclusives, like a huge US breakfast.

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Paternoster Chop House (EC4)

This one sits along the perimeter of what, in the City of London, could pass as a bustling market piazza. Very pleasant, but not that pulse-quickening. But what’s that in the corner of your eye? It’s not, is it? Chrissy Wren’s best work? Yes! St Paul’s looms over you and your monkfish curry. Worth pointing out that Paternoster also has one of the best Josper Grill menu sections.

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