Season-defying street food extravaganzas

Where to get your food truck fill now that summer's gone and left us

Season-defying street food extravaganzas

Urban Food Fest

Like chronic FOMO and praying your housemate's in 'cos you've lost your keys again, this one's a Saturday night staple. A Shoreditch chowfest with a rotating slate of fifteen food trucks and stalls from around the world (think everything from Korean kimchi burgers to Austrian schnitzel), along with the usual booze offenders chilling behind the bar and big live tunes.

Season-defying street food extravaganzas 2

Kerb Camden Market

There’s no way you can do all your shopping for black knee-high heavy metal stomper boots and weed lollipops on Camden’s delectable high street with an empty stomach. Lucky then, that right around the corner is the mahoosive KERB Camden Market: 35 stalls, including Killadilla and Other Side, open every single day of the week.

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Wahaca’s Day of the Dead Fiesta

On the table, we have two ways to celebrate Halloween later this year: one with as-far-as-the-eye-can-see Harley Quinn costumes and 'ironic dude dressed as undead bride' again; or Lucha Libre wresting, tequila, DJs and a street food dream team of Patty & Bun, B.O.B’s Lobster and Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese. You want the second one. And you'll get it riiight here.

Season-defying street food extravaganzas 2

Little Feast

Little Feast is awake! Crawling out from a post summer party siesta, the festival's got its punching shoes back on, ready to grapple with 2016 Round Two in November. They're keeping their special moves close to their chest for now, but after their June shindig, with grilled meats, slow-cooked croquettes and more, this W12 party's gonna be a heavyweight.

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Leather Lane Market

A regular Hyde lunchtime hotspot. The Holborn-Farringdon dissector that fuels our relentless drive to bring you, our friends, our people, gifts of solid gold, tear-jerking, life-enriching content every day. Get here during the week and you'll likely see us fattening up our journalistic integrity on Crosstown Doughnuts, Pieminister and Grill My Cheese.