Tech-Loaded Restaurants From The Future

Five places letting us live a daring new life every lunchtime

Tech-Loaded Restaurants From The Future
Tech-Loaded Restaurants From The Future

Watching Your Every Move

Bel-Air, EC2

At last – a fancy innovation that makes you want a takeaway salad for lunch. No more purchasing out of a grim sense of duty. This is you racing to get your paws on a salad. You make your order at Bel-Air on its app, which tracks your journey via GPS so the kitchen knows how close you are, and tells them when to start making your salad for ultimate freshness upon collection.

Tech-Loaded Restaurants From The Future 1

Blitzing Meat At Warp Speed

Black Roe, W1

The Bertha oven looks like a crude fusion of a bank safe and that cupboard under your sink with the Wet Wipes in it. But it’s actually a cutting-edge beast: a charcoal grill that reaches 500C and perfects fish fillets in 30 seconds. Black Roe uses both Bertha and a special app that tracks the areas specific fishermen are operating in, so they can source as sustainably as possible.

Tech-Loaded Restaurants From The Future 2

Conjuring Next-Level Coffee

Rawligion, W1

The making of coffee, once a simple collision of hot water and small brown pebbles, is now frighteningly complex. Nowhere more so than Rawligion, which has London’s first cold-drip tower. Imported from Tokyo, it slowly drops water onto coffee grounds over a number of hours, producing a glorious treacly gloop.

Tech-Loaded Restaurants From The Future 3

Turning You Into A Barman

Walter & Monty, EC3

Don’t leave it to chance. Seize control of your destiny. Pull your own pints. Yes, you’ll never be short-changed by surplus beer froth at Walter & Monty. On arrival you’re given a booze card, the chip on which activates the beer tap on your table. Pour at just the right angle to ensure the ideal amount of golden fizzy honey.

Tech-Loaded Restaurants From The Future 4

Transforming How You Order

Inamo, WC2

How many restaurants have a three-minute video explaining their ordering system? To simplify: the menu is projected onto your table, and you touch it to make a selection. No waiter storming over and giving you a 25-minute tongue-lashing to “explain our concept”. Just you, your loyal fingers, and a table. You can even watch a live video of the kitchen preparing your food.