Tinder Double Acts

Date-friendly bars that just happen to be a short walk from really good restaurants

Tinder Double Acts

Best in the North

Drink at: The dark, intimate and cushiony cocktail bar Fontaine's. Done out in an appealingly Art Deco way, and full of mysterious tat you can use as conversation fodder.

Eat at: Cramped-but-cool Latin American tapas spot VIVA. Exotic cuisine to complement your exaggerated tales of travelling.

Walking time: Eight minutes

Tinder Double Acts 1

Best in the South

Drink at: Locals' favourite The Hamlet is right next to Streatham Hill station, and full of cosy tables for two – the place might as well be sponsored by Tinder.

Eat at: Glide onto the homely The Hood restaurant. One look at the proudly British menu can lead you into those lines you prepared in advance for a conversation about "Brexit".

Walking time: Four minutes

Tinder Double Acts 2

Best in the East

Drink at: Elegant, never-too-busy Exmouth Market pub The Easton. Nicely tucked away, so gives the impression your mind is a sexy box of hidden gems.

Eat at: A brief trot across the beardy bustle lands you in the mega-relaxed, nerve-soothing atmosphere of North African/Spanish titans Moro. Everyone likes Moro.

Walking time: Three minutes

Tinder Double Acts 3

Best in the West

Drink at: Charlotte's W4, a stone's throw from the Sipsmith Distillery, has an obscenely large gin selection – order something obscure to sound worldly. Or like a sad old soak. Either's good!

Eat at: Talking hot b*llocks after too much gin? Steady yourself with the fortifying US cooking at Jackson & Rye, which always rings with the eager buzz of first-daters.

Walking time: Four minutes

Tinder Double Acts 4

Best in Central

Drink at: The elegant Punch Room bar in the London Edition Hotel looks oaky and exclusive, like a private members' club – but one that'll gleefully welcome you in, despite your odd socks.

Eat at: You're really spoiled for choice if you take this route. Yauatcha's very good, but Lima's bracingly fresh, Michelin-starred Peruvian plates are probably your best bet. Failing that: Polpo.

Walking time: Four minutes

Tinder Double Acts

Three minutes' walking feel too tough on the ol' legs? Check out our Food Map to plan your own route