Why You Should Definitely Come To National Burger Day

Tickets are now on sale, and here's why August 25th is going to be eight hours of unparalleled awesomeness

Why You Should Come To National Burger Day 4
Why You Should Come To National Burger Day

Genius Specials

Eighteen of London's burger gods will be there – all with masterpieces, some with limited-edition masterpieces. BOB's Lobster is serving up an exotic beef-butter burger with deep-fried calamari. And we can reveal that Bleecker St Burger will reinterpret the Philly Cheese Steak. This is a cheeseburger gone wild. A cheeseburger newly divorced and looking for fun.

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Exclusive Collaborations

August 25 will be the pinnacle of burger teamwork. Get ready for burger supergroups grabbing their instruments and rocking out. BBQ kingpin Neil Rankin's new restaurant Temper is teaming up with Venezuelan spot Petare for an arepa burger, while Burger & Beyond will work with nomadic meat fiends Burger Gang Or Die.

Why You Should Come To National Burger Day 2

The Hottest New Traders

We've refreshed the squad. Got some new faces in the dressing room. Top lads, good characters. So a warm welcome to Thai masters Farang, from the former head chef at Smoking Goat. Hawker House mainstay Meat Hook is making its debut too, alongside Nanban's majestic Japanese flavours.

Why You Should Come To National Burger Day 3

Returning Heroes

Of course you need the steadying hands of the veterans too. Seen it all, this lot. Seen things you wouldn't believe, boy. You already know about the legendary Bleecker St, and we also welcome back celebrated innovators Lucky Chip and the Indian sensations delivered by Chai Ki, from the minds behind Burger Day stalwarts Roti Chai.

Why You Should Come To National Burger Day 4

One Hell Of A Good Time

Three thousand burger obsessives in one place, all united in worship of circular slabs of beef. A utopian vision. Your entire life has been building to this. Check out the video of last year's event to get you in the mood. This time we've got 10 bars, two burger desserts, a pickle-eating contest, and a burger-themed photo booth. What more could you need? What more is there?

Can't make the party? There will be 20 per cent off burgers at more than 800 restaurants nationwide on August 25. You can download a discount voucher right here. #NationalBurgerDay