We found all of London's best pub-based action-film-themed pinball machines

Have an old school flip out

The Addams Family (BrewDog, Shoreditch)

The film: Awesome 1991 comedy about a wealthy, non-specifically monstrous family of misfits. Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston’s relationship in this should be everyone’s main goal in life.

Best thing about the machine: It plays an 8-bit version of the theme tune that, if anything, is even catchier than the regular version. It’s the bestselling pinball machine of all time, and with good reason – it’s great.

Accompaniments: It’s a BrewDog pub, so you know what to expect. Why not forsake the Dead Pony Club and give Elvis Juice grapefruit IPA a go?

Demolition Man (Four Quarters, Peckham)

The film: 1993 action spectacular in which Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes are cryogenically frozen then beat the sh*t out of each other in an eerie future utopia.

Best thing about the machine: The handles you use for the flippers are raised, making the whole thing feel a bit like riding a futuristic motorbike.

Accompaniments: Not only does Four Quarters have an awesome beer lineup, it has an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-themed menu, making this the only place in London where you can snack on a rum ham.

Hook (Wardow House, Crystal Palace)

The film: Loved-but-not-great 1991 update on Peter Pan, which sees Robin Williams' character snogging more people than he should as a happily married man.

Best thing about the machine: Did Williams not sign off his likeness rights? The Peter Pan in the illustrations is just some dude. Also: the dot matrix display occasionally throws up a charming anti-drugs message.

Accompaniments: Gipsy Hill Beatnik is brewed around the corner and goes down beautifully within the Wardow’s book-lined walls.

Johnny Mnemonic (Stapleton Tavern, Stroud Green)

The film: 1995 cyberpunk box-office flop. It stars Keanu Reeves, Henry Rollins, Ice-T and Takeshi Kitano yet still manages to be bad.

Best thing about the machine: A magnetic robot hand that we didn't do well enough to get to use (because pinball is hard), but would certainly have been the highlight if we had.

Accompaniments: The Stapleton does a hard-to-knock sausage and mash for seven quid, and the East Coast IPA (English hops made in an American style) makes an ideal tribute to Keanu's Essex/Hawaiian

Judge Dredd (The Pipeline, Spitalfields)

The film: Disappointing 1995 big-screen adaptation of the long-running comic strip. The best thing about it is the director’s name: Danny Cannon.

Best thing about the machine: It features glorious 2000AD artwork.

Accompaniments: The Pipeline has something like 60 whiskies on its menu, and all the pinball machines have cup holders. Cup holders! What a time to be alive.