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The top 20 books every man must read

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Ah, books. Many words. Many lessons. It’s alright, we know. You’re not getting enough of ‘em. Yeah, but who honestly has the time to peruse and curate?

Seeing as we’re such top fellas, we’ve only gone and done a selection that we think encompasses the best of at least a few worlds. Literature to entertain, engross, bore off to your mates about, and help you miss the relevant station on your commute. All that good stuff, basically.

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Absolute classics more people must know:

American Pastoral by Phillip Roth

Pastoral has a riveting set-up: the daughter of “Swede” Levov, a college- sport legend and poster boy for American success, suddenly embarks on a spree of anti-Vietnam bombings that end her Dad’s trouble-free glide through life. You then have the tense thrill of him trying to track down his daughter, on top of his piercing introspection and guilt.....

The top 20 books every man must read 22

Thrillers to read on holiday:

Galveston by Nic Pizzolatto

Years before True Detective became all anyone could talk about, its creator Nic Pizzolatto released crime novel

Galveston to a warm but muted reaction. It’s surprising, as plenty of ideas bleed from the book into the TV show – they’re both classic examples of gloomy noir, all whisky, cigarettes and philosophical mumbling.....


The top 20 books every man must read 40

The mind expanders:

Persepolis: The story of a childhood by Majane Satrapi

A graphic novel about the Iranian Revolution told from a young girl’s perspective,” won’t be your answer to “So what’s your thing, man?”

But the inherent lightness of the comic format feels like the only way to tell this incredible story without it becoming too disturbing....


The top 20 books every man must read 34

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