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Stuff to Watch 19–21 Oct

Thrilling new drama for cinema-goers and bedroom streamers


Making A Murderer: Part 2   

Netflix MaM has progressed from “obscure Netflix show some nerd keeps mentioning in a WhatsApp group I need to leave” to the genuine cultural phenomenon it is now. Which proves how bloody great the first season was, with its expertly unfurled murder story and shocking claims of police intimidation – but also invites a question: if anything huge had happened since then, wouldn’t we have heard about it already? A 10-episode stretch might test the durability of the new material, but remember its first run wouldn’t have been as impactful without deep emotional investment in Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. You’ll’ inevitably be recaptured by a case you really care about, and the ferocity of Avery’s new lawyer Kathleen Zellner adds fresh energy.   

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New cinema Anyone who claims they can explain the order of, or continuity in, the Halloween series is either a liar or has spent a lifetime researching it. We’ll do the best we can: this Halloween, directed and written by David Gordon Green, is a direct sequel to the original 1978 John Carpenter film and ignores every other instalment in the series. Simple enough, right? Only thing is… it’s got the SAME FREAKIN’ NAME AS THE ORIGINAL. **Clutches head and howls at sky** This time Michael Myers has escaped from an institution and returned to Haddonfield, where he wreaked such terror initially. Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie, who’s anticipated his return for 40 years and has the guns to prove it, aims to stop more devastation.

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Fahrenheit 11/9   

New cinema Here’s Michael Moore, bursting into the room to remind us that everything’s turned a bit sh*t, really, hasn’t it? And that Trump fella… well, he ain’t such a great dude! Which, of course, is inarguable. But Moore isn’t exactly renowned for his highly nuanced debating tactics either, and his brand of attention-seeking isn’t many steps removed from Trump’s. Still, if you can get over that, he does at least offer some penetrating insight as to how we got here, rather than merely recounting thoroughly crap events. Most notably, he revisits the Flint Michigan water crisis – when lead was found to have polluted the supply – and shows it as a chilling, and largely overlooked, example of what happens when government is run like a business.

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New cinema Matteo Garrone, director of Gomorrah, again shows his talent for savage gangster flicks in this small-scale but high-stakes “urban western”. Marcello is a geeky, put-upon dog groomer with a sideline in dealing coke that’s motivated as much by greed as it is transformation – his relationship with a brutish addict drags him closer to a macho ideal of menace and danger, but also leaves him in way over his head. Marcello Fonte won the Best Actor award at Cannes for an ever-shifting portrayal of his namesake, who’s thrown around by circumstances and trying to stop being trampled by them.

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BBC iPlayer Any upcoming BBC show with even the most tenuous link to Bodyguard was always going to be dubbed “the new Bodyguard”. At least Informer, with its focus on counter-terrorism, has a legit basis for the comparison. But while Bodyguard was slap-you-in-the-face immediate, Informer is more deliberate. More “1.5 Doom Bars with your Dad in the Dog Shovel” than “3am in Fabric”. We see the morally dubious recruitment process, as Paddy Considine’s counter-terrorism officer Gabe coerces Raza (newcomer Nabhaan Rizwan) into perilous street-level infiltration after he’s busted for drug possession. Not the most thrilling start to a thriller, but the ethical and personal dilemmas are neatly established.

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