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Don’t mess up this Mother’s Day

Here are four ways to keep it all nicey nicey

Don't mess up this Mother's Day

Are you ready to say "oh sh*t!"? OK, here we go... it's Mother's Day this Sunday! Here are four ways to keep it all nicey nicey: a box of proper posh Paul A Young chocolates (prices vary), including the new Lemon and Lavender Curd and Peach Bellini flavours which they reckon are “perfect for mums everywhere”; this Liberty London enamel cuff (£185) to make up for all weekend catch-up calls home you’ve "forgotten" to make; this trio of Diptyque luxury candles (£65); or one of The Cambridge Satchel Company’s leather cloud bags (£170), which should earn you a couple extra spuds at the next Sunday roast you crash completely unannounced.

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