How to capture a classic snap – tips from an Olympic photographer

Getty Images photographer David Cannon tells us the story behind his Olympics shot of Carl Lewis

Getty Images photographer David Cannon's Olympics shot of Carl Lewis

“The 1984 summer Games were my first. As the 'junior' shooter I had very few opportunities to capture the track and field. On entering the stadium I was faced with a long jump pit 'head on' position crammed with about 100 photographers. I realised there was no way I was going to find an angle, so I thought about what Carl Lewis was – also the finest sprinter in the world – and that the long jump required a sprint. I managed to sneak a position parallel with his run-up at ground level. I only shot 10 frames but luckily for me, I got everything right. It is one of the top three most technical photographs that I've taken in my 35-year career.”