Impressively niche magazines you need in your life

Every page of these indie periodicals demands to be savoured

A cover and an inside page from Mondial magazine
A cover and centre spread from Like The Wind running magazine

The Running Bible

Ah, the athlete's mag. A bewilderingly technical depository for nutrition tips and GPS watch reviews, right? Not this time! From nudist 10k runs to bear-dodging trail adventures, Like The Wind packs personal stories augmented by unexpected photography and killer illustrations.

Must-read story: Lifelong runner Tom Richardson’s affecting issue nine tribute to a cross-country cohort who died young. No, you’re dripping hot tears on the high-grade paper.

A cover and an inside page from Mondial magazine

The Classy Cycling Journal

The fact Mondial is made by bikewear company Rapha means it’s not strictly independent. But just look at this thing. Despatches from the unexplored fringes of the two-wheeled experience arrive in a package so gorgeous you’ll insist friends wear protective gloves.

Must-read story: The "Fast Food" photo essay in issue three. A mischievous history of velo nutrition that’s heavy on the riotous (if apocryphal) tales of hammered Tour riders.

A cover and centre spread from Crepe City magazine

The Sneaker Fiend’s Compendium

Is your house now essentially a storage facility for boxes and boxes of vintage Air Max? Step this way, friend! Spun off from the long-running sneaker festival, Crepe City is an unapologetic celebration of collector culture – but there’s an inclusive feel alongside the nerdy deep-dives.

Must-read story: Issue two’s tribute to chunky b-ball classic the Converse Weapon. Handily doubles as a look at the Eighties war between NBA greats Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

A cover and centre spread from Brick magazine

The Refined Hip-Hop Guide

Founded by photographer Hayley Brown, Brick forgoes cliches for arresting images (A$AP Ferg in a swan-shaped pedalo!) and flashy design flourishes. Because really, nothing screams "just take my money already" like a publication with rose gold foil on the front.

Must-read story: The trawl through a secret south London cache of vintage hip-hop magazines in the second issue. Sounds annoyingly self-indulgent. Manages to be hugely captivating.

A cover and centre spread from The Gourmand magazine

The Anarcho Culinary Digest

When it comes to alt food mags, it’s hard to look beyond New York flavour maven David Chang’s Lucky Peach. But hang on... Here comes London-based upstart The Gourmand! This bi-annual belly rumbler glories in the unexpected (a ribald history of Weight Watchers, say) and helpfully resists banging on about "mouthfeel".

Must-read story: James Loks’ absorbing issue seven guide to the five main flavours. If only for the accompanying googly-eyed food items that suggest "wisely rejected Pixar franchise".