Live Like A Scandinavian

We asked the founder of top Swedish bag brand Sandqvist the five things he never leaves the house without

Live Like A Scandinavian

This Book

The Scandinavian Man does not use a Kindle like some sort of self-hating, Tube-riding wage slave! He carries a battered hardback.

Anton Sandqvist says: "I am a bookworm and my heart beats for adventures. If you haven’t read any of Roald Amundsen's books about his fantastic achievements in the polar world yet, I really envy you.We named our backpack Roald after this Norwegian adventurer."

PS Just look at the guy. Wow.

Live Like A Scandinavian

A Knife

Oh gosh, that rusted shank you have tucked into your boot? It's so vulgar! Why not replace it with something simpler, more functional. You see? Even your knife can be Scandi cool.

Anton says: "I often carry a small and simple pocket knife in my backpack. I use it to open wine bottles and cut fruit. It might sound strange to carry a knife but among fishers, hunters and other outdoors people it is a common thing. In Sweden the wilderness starts just outside the city limits."

Live Like A Scandinavian 1

This Fleece Shirt

Scandinavian Man fears not the icy tundra. This is thanks in part to an unassailable sense of self, giving him confidence, warming him from the inside. But it's also due to quality woolenwear.

Anton says: "My wool shirt-jacket from Sarva is a true favourite and works great as trans-seasonal outerwear even in mild Scandinavian winter days. Wool is beautiful and always keeps you warm even if wet. Sarva is a Swedish brand - their designer Anton Olsson gets his inspiration from his Sami heritage."

Live Like A Scandinavian 2

Some Snus

It's amazing what you can get away when you have a square jaw, strong hands and a far-away look in your blue eyes that says "I long to sail through the Gates of Valhalla with my fierce Viking forefathers". Chewing tobacco, for instance.

Anton says: "Snus is Swedish chewing tobacco. It is more finely grinded then the american type. I prefer the classic loose snus, which you shape as a ball and put under your upper lip. I started using it when I did my military service in 1992 as I could not smoke cigarettes on long marches. Since then I have continued ‘snusing' and only smoke on very special occasions."

Live Like A Scandinavian 3

This Wallet

Even though a pint of beer costs about 40 quid in Oslo, the Scandinavian Man is not so interested in money. After all, you can not buy the sight of a midwinter Lapland sunset or the smell of an old reindeer in heat. As a result your wallet should be thin.

Anton says: "I try to carry as few cards as possible. If I have coins I carry them loose in the other pocket. A wallet made with high quality leather ages nicely and just becomes better with time. The Dow wallet from Sandqvist is so handy and fits six cards and a little bit of cash."

The new Sandqvist London store opens tomorrow at 79 Berwick Street, Soho

Live Like A Scandinavian 4