Make room for these stunning Olympic prints

Turn your den into a stylish Olympic shrine with these five excellent Games-inspired artworks

Allen Jones 1972 Munich Olympics poster
Allen Jones 1972 Munich Olympics poster

The Retro One

This is the same guy who made that famous shot of Kate Moss wearing bronze body armour (there's your risky work click for the day). Allen Jones, controversial creator of numerous “OMG, he didn’t!” pieces, kept it pretty reserved with his classic poster for the 1972 Munich games. Apart from those tensed, thrusting limbs. Oh, mercy!

David Shrigley's ice cream torch Olympic poster

The Arty One

Here the legendary David Shrigley recalls the huge bronze thumb he made for the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square earlier this year. And he's only gone and turned the Olympic torch into a bloody ice cream. The Mighty Flames Of Athens, now blazing in bubblegum pink. Practically blasphemy, yo.

Brandon Schaefer's poster combines LOTR and the Olympics

The Fantasy One

This perfectly nerdy piece from film poster supremo Brandon Schaefer combines LOTR and the Olympics, and will look great next to all the elf heads your exes never seemed to appreciate. But they never got you anyway, man. You'll find someone. No more tears.

Olympic torch relay map by Simon Fitzmaurice

The Patriotic One

Remember the London Olympics? Course you do! The one where we all worried for years before it happened because the train to work was going to be a total nightmare with all those tourists, and then felt like prize plums when nothing really got affected? What japes! What spirit! This Olympic torch relay map by Simon Fitzmaurice is a wonderful tribute to that display of classic British behaviour.

Abram Games poster for the 1948 London Olympics

The Historic One

Abram Games: a man responsible for the iconic British wartime posters of WW2. A man who won an OBE for his services to design. A man whose second name makes it impossible to call the Olympics "the Games" here without it being insanely confusing. A man whose marvellous 1948 London event poster more than deserves some space up on your wall.

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