Burgers, ginvent and Tootingmas: your weekend in London

This weekend's best street food and pop-ups

Burgers, ginvent and Tootingmas: your weekend in London

1. Tootsmas

40 Mitcham Road, SW17, Sat & Sun Everyone's got a mate in Tooting, haven't they. "Tooting's great!" they'll say. "You gotta come to Tooting!" "Hey buddy, check out Great Place Tooting!" And you sort of want to, but would you look how far down the Northern Line it is. Well Tootsmas, which is "Saluting Tooting", is a reason to finally do it. Among many things, there's a special street-food market popping up, and a limited-edition menu at south-west burger heroes Dip & Flip.

2. Honest Burgers

14-16 Bradbury Street, N16 Dalston Chilli is a new special at the new branch: beef, scotch bonnet bacon, Red Leicester, chipotle ketchup, other hot stuff.

3. Jamaica Xmas Party

Abbot Street, E8, Sat Free-to-enter bash at 40ft Brewery. All the usual Christmas fare: a tropical theme, jerk chicken, loads of stout punch.

4. Ginvent

Vinyl Factory, W1. Fri-Sun A holistic examination of gin, the transparent assassin. Everything it's capable of, on show here. For the die-hards.

5. Pho/UberEats

From 12-5pm on Friday, anyone with an UberEATS account can order an emergency bowl of pho (from... Pho) for just the cost of the delivery fee (£2.50).