Gems From London's Best Gift Shops

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Gems From London's Best Gift Shops
Gems From London's Best Gift Shops

Taxi Driver Vinyl

Where? BFI

Cost: £28.99

The BFI shop appeals to the better part of you. The part that says "no, I won't watch Chris Waddle's Greatest Dragbacks on YouTube – I'm going to plough through DVDs of Palme d'Or winners". And the part that recklessly bought a record player. Dust it down and get Bernard Herrmann's legendary sax score sashaying through the air.

Gems From London's Best Gift Shops 1

VR Headset

Where? Science Museum

Cost: £30

With the Power Up gaming exhibition on, the Science Museum is a trove of nerdy marvels, and this is the ultimate. The Final Boss. Forget dropping hundreds on an Oculus Rift, this squeezes VR out of the smartphone you already know and love/hate/can't afford to upgrade because your rent's so bloody expensive.

Gems From London's Best Gift Shops 2

Classic British Prints

Where: Tate Modern

Cost: £35

Six good-sized prints and one wooden frame. They're iconic shots, too: Hockney's A Bigger Splash is in there. Why not sneakily switch the one in the frame each day to convince your housemates they're having a devastating mental breakdown? What larks!

Gems From London's Best Gift Shops 3

Shakespeare Craft Ales

Where: The Globe

Cost: £14.99

Craft ale has certain associations. Odd blokes in Manowar vests. Nigel Farage. But these ones are different. They've got a light and zesty mouthfeel and are named after edifying Shakespeare classics, which eases the usual drinkers' guilt. Tempest is a particular treat: a citrusy golden ale.