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London Meatmap 18-20 November: “Filth Pies”, Nutella and jazz

Pinpointing this weekend's best street food and pop-ups

London Meatmap: 18-20 November

1. Meatliquor Launches XXXmas Menu

Various sites A good effort, this. Meatliquor could have just wanged a slice of Bernard Matthews on a beef burger and called it quits. But there's a huge menu, including the XXXmas burger: roast turkey, a sausage patty, stuffing crumb, gravy and cranberry sauce. "Filth Pie" is also available, which is such a great name. It's an Oreo, marshmallow, coconut and chocolate hellbeast.

2. Honest Burgers

Various sites New special from the truth-telling patty-pushers. Far East has beef, sesame mayo, Sichuan slaw, cheddar, parmesan and sriracha ketchup.

3. Nutella Pop-Up

109-125 Knightsbridge, SW1 *Weary sigh* Yeah there's a Nutella pop-up in Harvey Nichols. Let's all hate ourselves for kinda wanting to go.

4. Not Quite Jazz

Pop Brixton, SW9, Friday & Saturday Soundtrack your street-food shovelling with a free festival of jazz-influenced stuff like afrobeat and rare groove.

5. Chop and Chip

Camden Market, NW1 A simple, brand-new opening. U'll never guess what they sell!1! Just got to choose between pork and lamb, basically.

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