London’s Most Unique Airbnb Opportunities

We trawled the listings to unearth the most unorthodox hideouts you can escape to

The Most Unorthodox Hideouts On Airbnb
The Most Unorthodox Hideouts On Airbnb

The One Inside A Clock

What is it? A small but lavish four-person apartment perched up inside the gothic clock tower at St Pancras Station, complete with sky-high ceilings, exposed brick walls, a grand piano and a massive clock.

Stay here if: you’re that guy always seen sprinting through the fug of eau de toilette in duty-free to make your departure in time. Or if you're an aspiring super-villain called Doctor Doomclock or something.

How much? £150 a night.

The Most Unorthodox Hideouts On Airbnb 1

The One In The Back Of A Van

What is it? A souped up C-reg Mercedes van, fully drivable and converted into a bedroom with a pull-out sofa bed, a pop-up toilet, and a wood-burning stove.

Stay here if: you admire the touring rockstar for his stick-it-to-the-Man, “these four walls are a prison!” rebel attitude but still demand the luxury of a gas hob in order to indulge in your eight-hour Sunday casserole sessions.

How much? £150 a night.

The Most Unorthodox Hideouts On Airbnb 2

The One Floating On The Thames

What is it? A flat aboard a luxury two-storey boathouse that’s tied to the shore between Vauxhall and Chelsea Bridge, with all mod cons, access to a swimming pool, and the very exciting promise of a Pret a Manger just “10 minutes down the road”.

Stay here if: you need somewhere to lie low for a while. Seriously, who's going to look for you on a boat? The boat police? Pfft. They'll be running around like headless chickens, all the while you're safe offshore, eating your own weight in delicious Lebanese flatbread wraps.

How much? £149 a night.

The Most Unorthodox Hideouts On Airbnb 3

The One In A Tent

What is it? It’s a tent. You’ll get the whole "it’s not a tent, it’s a Mongolian yurt" schtick, but it’s really just quite a big, comfy tent with a stove and Persian rugs for warmth. Also: you're in someone's garden. Hope they're not murderers!

Stay here if: you yearn for a night in the Great Outdoors but know that you'll never drift off to sleep without the reassuring thrum of the Jubilee Line.

How much? £99 a night.

The Most Unorthodox Hideouts On Airbnb 4

The One That's An Old Pub

What is it? A tasteful conversion of an 1800s Peckham booze hole, with lots of art on the walls, tall ceilings, a massive drunkard-free garden and a cat called Rita.

Stay here if: your dream of sleeping in a pub was shattered the first time around by an irate landlord threatening to “smash ye brains in with this ‘ere mallet” if you didn’t climb out from your little bar-towel den under the drip trays.

How much? £350 a night.