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Nicely tucked-away weekend food markets

Give the crowds the elbow

Nicely tucked-away weekend food markets

Netil Market

Wassat, then? A Petri dish of indie creatives and street-food whizzkids, with queue-around-the-corner alumni like Bao and Lucky Chip getting early breaks here. You might as well get that Heavy Weekend Sesh alarm squealing too – it’s snuck away in a courtyard dangerously close to the brilliant London Fields brewery tap room. Chug. Chug. Chuuugggg

Eat what? Enlist Morty & Bob’s grilled cheese and Bloody Mary henchmen to drag the work-drinks hangover from your head.

Where/when? Westgate Street, E8, Sat-Sun 11am-6pm

Nicely tucked-away weekend food markets 4

Druid Street Market

Wassat, then? Another sat ruinously close to a tap room, Druid Street shares tarmac with Anspach and Hobday’s booze surgery. It’s close to another little market banger too, Maltby Street, but holds its own in the street food game with the help of its Mexican, New Orleans, Italian, and Thai weaponry.

Eat what? Spoilt for choice. Go for Kra Pow’s Thai boxes NO WAIT the wings from Division 194 STOP NO the tacos from Tamales… Ah sheeeit.

Where/when? Druid St, SE1, Sat 10am-4pm

Nicely tucked-away weekend food markets 1

Venn Street Market

Wassat, then? Look between the Jo Malone-scented, Brunch-Mum stalls – all organic parsnips and infused olive oils – to find some unexpected street food gems, and an Honest Burgers outpost doing their damned hardest to brunch you into oblivion, too.

Eat what? Always, always Liberty Cheese Steaks, the architects of the great American artery gridlock.

Where/when? Venn St, SW4, Sat 10am-4pm

Nicely tucked-away weekend food markets 2

Tottenham Green Market

Wassat, then? Lovingly nurtured to life by Jessica “Harringay Market” Vos and Street Feast-trained minds, this N15 doozy celebrated its birthday last weekend.

Eat what? Let the flame-kissed steak sandwiches of Angostura, the heaven-sent meat stacks from Burger Bear, and the great chicken nubs of Lord Of The Wings all deathmatch for your belly space.

Where/when? Townhall Approach, N15, Sun 11am-4pm

Nicely tucked-away weekend food markets 3

Hampstead Market

Wassat, then? Crashing into its second year in a hail of small-batch cheese, organic meats and breads straight from the "You put what in it, mate?" handbook. Oh and street food. Lots and lots of street food, all hiding out in a romantic little school courtyard.

Eat what? Okay, OKAY, we’ll come clean – we’re not entirely sure who’s serving what up this year as they’ve juuust kicked things off for 2017, but if the squad of ’16 is anything to go by – including Sticky Bandits' sushi burgers and Sub Cult with their pork, calamari and crackling rolls – the offerings will be major league.

Where/when? Hampstead Parochial School, NW3, Sat 10am-3pm

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