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Take a final stab at outdoor dining

Make the most of these al fresco eateries before this incredibly decent weather ditches us

Take a final stab at outdoor dining

The Instagram Gold One

Pop your 'Sunday lunch with Grandma' cravat on buddy, we got ourselves a posh 'un. Thames-hugging Le Pont de la Tour sits within hashtagging distance of #TowerBridge and has a newish interior that oozes Lo-Fi filter-ready French class. You’ll be coughing up a maximum of £18 for a starter, but who needs money when you're King Of The 'Gram?

Take a final stab at outdoor dining 1

The Perfect Pre-Boozing One

If there's one thing the big dogs at New York’s National Buffalo Wing Festival don't do, it's muck about. So when we tell you Randy's Wing Bar was invited to be its first ever international competitor, you know we're talking about some safe, sticky hands. Gnaw the Gangnam wings (£7.50) at their Hackney Riviera spot before the deckchairs head for hibernation.

Take a final stab at outdoor dining 2

The Limited-Time-Only One

Who doesn’t want to eat Le Coq’s famous rotisserie chicken, or faceplant a classic Patty & Bun, atop the very building where Mel B historically screamed “W*nker!” on chipper morning kids’ show Live & Kicking? Tick that essential life box at Pergola on the Roof, way up White City’s crumbling Television Centre, before it closes on October 2.

Take a final stab at outdoor dining 3

The Comfy Rooftop One

Strap yourself in champ, because a life-changing, wallet-pleasing tip of the day is uncontrollably rocketing its way into your eyeline – get yourself to Shoreditch’s Terence Conran-designed Boundary after 8pm on a Sunday, just as they lop 50% off the price of their oysters and lobsters, and eat like a yacht-dwelling duke without shedding salty tears onto the final bill.

Take a final stab at outdoor dining 4

The Lazy Weekend One

Despite sounding like a place you’d need to thump a vending machine to receive a post-swim Tizer and Monster Munch, you're at Brockwell's poolside Lido Café for the wrestler-worthy Longhorn steak, eggs and chimichurri sauce weekend brunch (£13), if only to the achieve the critical mass needed for a world record splash when it comes to bombing time.

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