Where To Go To Get Stuff Done

Five of London’s top entrepreneurs on where they worked back when they had nowhere else to go

Where To Go To Get Stuff Done 5
Where To Go To Get Stuff Done

Gerry Cottle Jr (Rooftop Film Club, Co-Founder)

“When we weren’t scouting for London rooftops from the comfort of my lounge, me and my business partner/school friend Nick would head to Blue Legume on Church Street for their fantastic eggs Benedict and crispy paninis. It’s quiet and friendly enough to make calls, is family run, and they take care of their regulars. Shortly after, we started the UK’s first donation-led Office Club so young freelancers and business owners like us have a place to go.”

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Luke Stenzhorn (Percival Clothing, Co-Founder)

“Chris [Gove] and I started Percival in a shared studio in Dalston's Print House, and below it was our beloved Cafe Bliss, a proper London caff that's closed now. The tea wasn't great, the staff sometimes struggled with a smile, but we wouldn't have changed a thing about it. Now that we’ve moved to Soho, we spend a lot of time working in the excellent Tap Coffee - the antithesis of our original haunt. Perhaps they'll consider selling eggs, chips and beans and chucking in a copy of The Sun though - we kinda miss our Cafe Bliss…”

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Michael Acton Smith OBE (Mind Candy, Founder)

“I’ve lived in Soho for the past eight years and love working from bustling coffee shops: there’s always a great buzz and energy that helps spark creativity. On a sunny day the seats outside Cotton Cafe on Berwick Street are a fun place to work and watch the world go by. The logo is written in Comic Sans but don’t let that put you off. When the weather is a little milder Yumchaa is great spot as the big windows let in lots of light and is great for people watching.”

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Marcroy Smith (People Of Print, Founder)

“I lived off free wifi when I had no studio and no money - sitting in places like Fingers Crossed, a little gem with great coffee, an awesome chef and a friendly owner called Ania, was the only way I could find clients, send over finished work, or even just meet up with people. But when the task needed the fastest Internet in London, I’d often hit the Google Campus. It has the best speeds ever; perfect for sending large graphic files, or downloading movies and box sets (which I never did, obviously).”

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David Abrahamovitch (Grind Coffee, Co-Founder)

“When we were planning our first site in Shoreditch, Kaz [James] and I used to meet at The Hoxton Hotel to talk shop. We could get away with sitting there for hours with our laptops without being asked to leave, and worked our way though a lot of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and avocado. We loved the vibe there so much that when the opportunity came up to get involved in The Hoxton’s second hotel, there was no way we could say no.”

By Chris Sayer