Win an amplifier and flagship speakers from Cambridge Audio

Live from Monday 6 June

We’ve teamed up with Cambridge Audio to give one reader the chance to win a CXA60 Integrated Amplifier, one pair of Aeromax 2 Flagship Stand Mount Speakers and a  BT100 Bluetooth Dongle.

The amplifier is often referred to as the heart of any music set up, so if you haven’t got one, you’d better check your library for a pulse. The CXA60 was voted Product Of The Year by What Hi-Fi? because it houses all the analogue and digital connections you could need and thanks to countless hours of tweaking and tuning, it amplifies your source with a warm low end, meticulous detail and bags of power in reserve.

Paired with Cambridge Audio’s flagship Aeromax 2 speakers, this set up will let you realise the true definition of high fidelity.  The bundle also includes a BT100 Bluetooth Dongle so you can go wireless.

Enter now to win a tech bundle from Cambridge Audio 

Oh no, you’re a little late!

Sorry, the promotion has ended. Don’t worry, you’re still a winner to us. We have loads other competitions running every week.