The Most Uplifting Songs Of The Year So Far

2016 has put us through a testing six months. We need to hear something positive. We need these five tunes

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Auto Draft 115

The Pop One

The 1975 – The Sound

Bouncy synth? Yup. A sense of yearning? Yup. Detestably catchy chorus? You bet. Come on, what more could you possibly want from a pop tune? The Sound is a big, ridiculous single, with a big, ridiculous dance beat.

Let it heal you when: Too many of your "friends" are logged into your Netflix account that you can't use it.

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The Loud One

Warmduscher – The Sweet Smell of Florida

This, by Fat White Family affiliates Warmduscher, is chaotic but feels utterly right as an accompaniment to those glorious, never-ending summer nights where the tepid lagers are flowing.

Let it heal you when: Tesco Express has just shut but you really fancy a chocolate Yazoo.

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The Rap One

Kano – Three Wheel-Ups

The sort of angry, energising tune that makes you want to smash up your Nan's plant pots and hit the road. Just listen to that brass section. Just listen to that Giggs feature.

Let it heal you when: Your takeaway hasn't arrived 15 minutes after it said it would and oh God it never normally takes this long, do you think I should ring them up?

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The Dance One

Buz Ludzha – Basslines For Life

Every component sounds slightly off-colour, like it’s in desperate need of emergency surgery. But the jittery build expands into something monumental and euphoric. Raise your hands! Kick off your sandals!

Let it heal you when: Your first meeting with your partner's housemates ends in a finger-jabbing, vein-bulging row about Heathrow's third runway.

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The Indie One

LL Burns – Jericho

Tropical-tinged, with a hint of grubby mystery – it's hip, it's edgy. But there's a nostalgic 80s charm, too. It's a bit like that one Simply Red song you would never, ever admit to liking but hear in your head every time you receive good news.

Let it heal you when: Your landlord ends an apparently innocuous text by foreshadowing "an inflationary (but fair) rent increase".