The Official Mr Hyde Monday Crushing Playlist: Steve Aoki

Superstar producer Steve Aoki nominates a song to be inducted into the Official Mr Hyde Monday Crushing Playlist

DJ Steve Aoki

"I’ve picked Rain Man's Bring Back The Summer. It's not too hard hitting or heavy – its just perfect for a Monday morning. OLY’s vocals are incredible and the production is tight. The thing that makes this track even more special is that it marks a creative U-turn for Rain Main, who was previously known for his bass house anthems. This is a melodic record with feelgood vibes. If you haven’t heard it before, then you need it in your life."

Steve Aoki’s Ibiza residency at Ushuaïa continues on September 8 and 15. His Netflix documentary, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, is out now


See the full Monday-Crushing playlist below: