Where to find great music in unexpected places

It's the church you want for the hottest new beats

Where to find great music in unexpected places
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The Holy One

An 18th century church with an actual working organ and actual working church stuff, St John at Hackney is a stormer of a venue. From Purity Ring to Robbie "Rambo" Williams, it’s seen its fair share over the past few years. Manchester wave-purveyor Floating Points is on this Saturday. So get down to the pew and pray for some Real Rockin' Grooves!

Where to find great music in unexpected places 1

The Old Boys' One

"This place is so authent…" Don’t say it. Don’t let your mate say it. Yes, Moth Club was a vets club, a working man's club. Yes, it sells John Smith's. Calm yourself down, stick your head under the tap. But with its decaying mahogany and stained red carpets, glitter-ceilinged event room and gold-tinselled walls, know you're in for a treat. Dream poppers Wild Nothing are there real soon.

Where to find great music in unexpected places 2

The Segmented One

Based at a former newspaper printers in Canada Water, Printworks makes physical the terms "baffling" and "good". The six main rooms splinter into a multitude of smaller, hidden spaces, each bearing the building's original industrial features. LWE is sorting out the music along with Field Day organisers Broadwick Live: so you’re in the safest, danciest hands. Sub Focus and friends DJ set this weekend... umm, yes.

Where to find great music in unexpected places 3

The Snooker One

Goldsmiths alumni bingo: Home Counties roadman affectations? Ding. Labelling your East Dulwich house share "Peckham"? Dong. "Crazy nights" in Canavan's? Full bloody house! Originally a private snooker spot, it’s now a pool/good times club that’s hosted South London’s best parties for the last few years. Vinyl-only Rhythm Section and techno-led Slow Bounce are its funkiest regular nights and Gazebos are there on Saturday.

Where to find great music in unexpected places 4

The Even Holier One

The Union Chapel is a grand building, as impressive as a tall horse. If you ever have to lie in state – and you never know, mate – it should be in your top three potential resting places. It’s architecturally magnificent and the acoustics are on point. The Chapel is hosting Richard Hawley and Paul Weller next week and Michael Kiwanuka the one after.

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