Get 50 per cent off at Bright Courtyard Club

Celebrating their fifth Birthday

To celebrate their fifth Birthday, we’ve teamed up with Bright Courtyard Club to offer Mr Hyde readers 50 per cent off their menu.

Bright Courtyard Club is a contemporary Chinese restaurant on Baker Street known for its modern Cantonese and traditional Shanghai cuisine. The menu showcases unique oriental dishes such as Cantonese jumbo prawns with black truffle and the Shanghai Braised Belly Pork in Red Vinegar Sauce, as well as an impressive assortment of authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum.

Dates: Valid from 16 August - 19 August
Location: Bright Courtyard Club, 43-45 Baker St, London W1U 8EW
Includes: 50 per cent off food (not including drinks or seafood)
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