Get a main course at Cabana for £1

Offer available at Islington, Brixton and The O2

We're holding a special Olympics Week here at Mr Hyde and to celebrate we’ve teamed up with Rio Street Food group, Cabana to offer readers a main course for £1 when purchasing another at full price.

Jamie and David, founders of Cabana, set up the restaurant as a way to share a bit of the real Brasil. There are three things they say make Brasil special - the communal food, the eccentricity of the cities and the unmistakably Brasilian outlook: ‘tudo bem’, meaning ‘everything’s good’, whatever cards you’ve been dealt. Cabana is a homage to all of these things.

Dates: Valid from 2 August - 16 August
Location: Offer available at the following locations: Cabana Islington, 56 Upper St, London N1 0NY, Cabana Brixton, Ferndale Rd, London SW9 8BQ and Cabana at The O2 Arena.
Includes: Receive one main course £1 when purchasing another at full price. The cheapest will be £1. Not valid with any other offer or set menu, including Menu of Champions.
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