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Make sure you get exactly the right spring ’do

Kicking off a week of grooming content to help ace your warm-weather re-emergence – the cut you want, and how to ask for it


The Shaggy Bob

What is it? The noggin-topper of the anarchist: thick, textured, mid-length locks sported by surfers, rockers, artists, and that quiet guy on the corner desk who wears Birkenstocks to work and reheats his lunch inside the kettle for reasons nobody dares question.

What to say to your barber: “Send some of your finest texture-cut layers down the pipeline would ya, my dude?”

Show them a photo of: Dev Patel in the second half of Lion, or a screengrab of Kurt Cobain in Nirvana’s Lithium vid.

Keep it up: Denis Robinson, creative director at Ruffians barbershop, says: “Give it a daily dose of salt spray for a touch of grunge.”

Make sure you get exactly the right spring ’do 5

The Buzzed Fringe

What is it? An updated, slightly harsher-round-the-edges version of Clooney’s mid-Nineties “Caesar” cut. Bit more hooligan-y, though. Nice hooligan, mind. Sorta hooligan that’ll skip out the swears in chants if kids are about and won’t let a Derby Day punching match get in the way of being home in time for tea.

What to say to your barber: “Get me a short and round-layered crop, with the crown section buzzed and disconnected from the rest of the ’do. And a Peanut Snickers if you have one!”

Show them a photo of: The guitarist out of shouty punk duo Slaves has nailed it.

Keep it up: “The longer hair looks best styled with shinier wet-look product, and the short with matte clay.”

Make sure you get exactly the right spring ’do 6

The Soft Crop

What is it? A haircut so unremarkable that it becomes remarkable. The sort of haircut where the barber holds his mirror up at the end, and all you can say is, “well I know one thing for sure… it’s a haircut!” Nothing more, nothing less: a haircut, in which your hair has been cut. Your hair, just a bit less of it.

What to say to your barber: “Ditch the clippers, hombre. We’re jumping aboard the Scissor Express for this crop! And don’t forget to pack a fringe that follows my natural hairline!”

Show them a photo of: Soppy crooner Sam Smith, who’s got a good ’un up top right now.

Keep it up: “Very low maintenance. Just towel-dry then add a tiny amount of paste. When it’s totally dry, run your fingers through it.

Make sure you get exactly the right spring ’do 7

The Fop's Flop

What is it? One that our man at Ruffians describes as a bit of a “posh boy chop”. Longish, textured, and more than a little “my first day at PWC”. We’re into it, though.

What to say to your barber: “Hit me with some sweet square layers throughout, hold the hard lines, elongate towards the fringe and for heaven’s sake man, allow me oodles of sweeping and head tossing. No, I cannot repeat that. Commence!”

Show them a photo of: Redmayne. Absolutely reeks of Redmayne. And James Blake!

Keep it up: “Mix styling paste and L’Oreal Super Dust in your hands and massage into your hair to flatten, then shake your head to loosen naturally.”

Make sure you get exactly the right spring ’do 8

Soft Fade Pompadour

What is it? Basically, a Hollywood heart throb’s head after a late one with Old Uncle Booze. It’s a loose, messy James Dean-style pomp, structurally weakened by the sheer weight of the absolute legend lifestyle.

What to say to your barber: “Fade me up, sweetly, softly, and with a loose pomp. I’m all about that classic dishevelled feel, brah.”

Show them a photo of: Walking tricep Zac Efron.

Keep it up: “Comb in a parting with a water-based pomade for a Hollywood look, use salt spray for an enhanced natural feel, or use a volumising powder for a dramatic lift.”

Make sure you get exactly the right spring ’do 9