Are your trainers team players?

Is your current sneaker versatile? Can it cut muster at work, the post-office Tinder date and the drunken sprint for the last train? These five sure can

Are your trainers team players? 4


Ever wondered what it’d be like to have two Bentleys strapped to your feet? Well, this is probably as close as you’ll get. Paul Smith, the purveyor of stripy British brilliance, has gone to Italy and hand-crafted (though probably not himself) these incredible calf-leather court shoes that are as soft as a puppy’s tummy. The quality is a real level up from your standard pumps and the only way they could be more prestigious is if they came with their own chauffeur.

Are your trainers team players? 4


The bus is 50 meters away. You know that physically (even though you’re a few half-time pies below your peak condition), you could still go the distance and make it with time to spare. Alas, you fail. Arriving at work late, sweaty, it dawns on you: you need speedier kicks. Luckily these slick Asics have arrived: as good with a smart charcoal suit as they are at getting you to the bus stop at a sprint. Now go celebrate your astuteness by jogging smugly to the pub for a lunchtime pint.

Are your trainers team players? 2


There’s a good chance you haven’t owned a pair of Clarks trainers since you had you feet measured for that velcro pair with space rockets on the sole. Well, on this evidence, you’ve waited too long. Some super-smart designer tucked away in Somerset has taken all the awesomeness from British brands' DNA and mixed it with some contemporary technology. The result is a shoe that looks something like the hybrid of a Nike and a Visvim, which if you’re not familiar, is shorthand for very cool and incredibly splendid.

Are your trainers team players? 3


Everyone needs one choice of sneaker in their style armoury for those lethargic, indecisive days when you just want something easy and untaxingly cool to slip your feet into. These trainers tick those particular boxes. A tidy combination of sport and lifestyle elements, resulting in a shoe that can be worn with almost anything. They also make an ideal trainer for a date, being subtly stylish while offering a bonus inch in height. Not that you need it, buddy. But, you know, just in case.

Are your trainers team players? 1


Like a good sci-fi writer, the designer of these snazzy trainers has looked to the past to create the future. While they might look like something our great-grandkids might wear, they’re actually a super-modifed pair of the early 90s style Disc Blaze by Puma. The engineers of this spacey madness? McQ, the "diffusion line" of conceptual fashion house Alexander McQueen. They’re made from premium materials including rubberised panels and swish nubuck and feature a pointless-yet-brilliant disc closure system. They also look pleasantly redolent of Play Doh. In a cool way.

Are your trainers team players? 5

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