Coats that keep you neat now it's nippy

The weather just took a turn for the worse – or better if, like us, you love an excuse for a good dapper jacket. Here are five season-enduring investments

Coats that keep you neat now it's nippy


Half of you wants to own this. The other half of you is worried it'll make you look like you've just wandered off a dodgy second-hand Ford Escort car lot. So yeah, while this fantastic Crombie-style overcoat from Whistles is definitely a classic, it’s also a bit of a risk. It’s not hard to avoid the Del Boy connotations though: instead of going all suited and booted, why not try dressing it down with some quality heavy-washed denim and a sporty pair of white trainers? You know what we'd call that? We'd call it an audacious blend of unapologetic sophistication and swaggery brashness.

Coats that keep you neat now it's nippy


If you’re not an avid follower of catwalk happenings you’d be forgiven for not noticing faux fur creeping up on you like a style pirate with a fashion dagger clenched between his teeth. But it’s time you took notice because this winter this is the key trend for men. The pirate is coming! We understand it takes a big slice of confidence to pull off something like this fuzzy number from Pretty Green but we believe in you. You can do it. The key is not treating your coat like a piece of fancy dress. You can channel the swagger of John Lennon without going all-out with the circular shades and fuzzy sideburns.

Coats that keep you neat now it's nippy 3


Glaswegian coat overlords Mackintosh quite literally put the "Mac" into rain-mac. The brand, or more accurately its founder Charles Mackintosh, actually invented waterproof fabrics, positioning the company at the pinnacle of hi-tech textiles in its day. While technology might have moved on, this elegant, fuss-free overcoat is as fresh now as it’s ever been, especially with the subtle denim twist. Yes it's pricey, but these things are made in Scotland, using premium materials. A word to the wise though: avoid wearing the same tone jeans unless you enjoy hearing people make jokes about "Canadian Tuxedos" and the like.

Coats that keep you neat now it's nippy 2


Just because the sky is grey doesn’t mean you have to be. Stick two fingers up to dreary winter by donning this sunshine yellow winner from the purveyors of British style Ben Sherman. Watch as your fellow commuters shed their garms, spread their gym towels at your feet and bathe in the warm summery glow your coat gives off. And if that doesn’t dazzle them then point at its lush tortoiseshell buttons or flash the fancy gingham lining. Of course, some people are just plain miserable and your coat probably can’t help them. Leave them be, shut away in their self-imposed castle of misery.

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This is called a reefer jacket. But hold on there Willy Wake And Bake! The name has nothing to do with your perfidious "wacky" baccy. Instead, it's the style of outerwear worn by naval officers which goes some way to explain the coat's dignified, authoritarian look. Sartorial awesomeness aside, these things don't skimp any on performance or durability – this chunky woollen number from Gloverall will keep your cockles proper toasty while vile storms rage all around you.

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Menswear on Mr Hyde curated by William Barnes