Get the look: your binge-watching heroes

You've stared at them long enough, here are the key threads to look like Don Draper, John Luther or Elliot Alderson

Get the look: your binge-watching heroes 1

The Genius: Elliot Alderson

Received wisdom states computer hackers wear frayed fedoras and Mountain Dew T-shirts. Well not anymore! In Mr Robot, they're crusading vigilantes who layer up mysteriously with dark hoodies, as our man Elliot does to brooding effect. This is a key part of the casual sportswear look that's still going to be a massive next season. Which also, for the brave (and media start-up workers), permits layering a hoodie under a blazer.

Get the look: your binge-watching heroes

The Enigma: John Luther

Convention dictates TV detectives should have long, austere overcoats. Makes sense: you wouldn't spill your sins to someone in a gaudy nu-rave hoodie. Luther's timeless grey overcoat is a beaut – its colour and cut guarantees that it will pair up perfectly with all your tailoring choices and will be just as relevant next winter, the one after that, and the one after that.

Get the look: your binge-watching heroes 1

The Captivator: Don Draper

It might not be acceptable to drink bourbon in the office anymore (thanks for nothing, Brussels!), but it is still possible to capture some Don without severely reducing your life expectancy. His classic tailoring choices peak with a slick grey blazer. Why this colour? Well, grey is extremely versatile and goes with black, brown and reddish shoes, so you really get bang for your buck.

Get the look: your binge-watching heroes 2