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The five most on-trend autumn accessories

The only items you need to know about in each of the key categories


The Winter Bag  

Things to look out for: Something durable without being cumbersome. Nobody wants to see you dragging a 60-litre hiking rucksack down the stairs of Chillingford East station.

The one to get: Well if it isn’t that puffer-jacket-inspired tote bag you’ve been talking about needing for ages… OK, so the Puff Tote by Weekday (£40) might not be quite what you were expecting. But just think – it’ll protect your stuff from the elements with Arctic dedication, and aren’t those inner zip pockets bloody handy? It comes in black as well… but why not live a little. Go get ‘em, green-and-gold tiger!

The five most on-trend autumn accessories 1

The Cap

Things to look out for: Don’t be fooled into thinking winter’s just a woolly hat game. Suede caps are surprisingly toasty and less domineering than a fur helmet.

The one to get: This chocolate-brown number by London designer Daniel Fletcher (£55) shows why suede caps rock. It understands you don’t want to have to bin the whole “casual-athletic” look you spent the summer perfecting just because the weather’s turned. Better still, it’s ten times more versatile than a beanie, looking as good atop a smart grey coat as it does a worn hoodie.

The five most on-trend autumn accessories 2

The Gloves

Things to look out for: Go for green, and then when you’re thinking “yeah, I reckon that’s green… that sure looks green to me!”, check the wool is of good quality and not desperate to unravel.

The ones to get: United Colours of Benetton is about as good as it gets when it comes to simple essentials. Four fingers and a thumb in some quality, cosy wool. None of that leather nonsense. You’re trying to keep your hands warm, not commit a series of complex, untraceable murders. These olive gloves (£15.95) make a nice flourish for an otherwise monochrome outfit, especially if they’re barely concealing a shiny gold wristwatch.

The five most on-trend autumn accessories 3

The Scarf

Things to look out for: A heavy football-inspired scarf is the only neck-warmer worth having. Why not really live the brand by flicking the Vs to the “away scum” on the opposite Bakerloo Line platform!

The one to get: Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy is the king of the reworked football number. Sometimes his designs can veer into that uneasy territory of things you’d rather hang on your wall than wear, but this camo design (£85) is bold without going full “Burnley-Wolves Half-and-Half”. If it gets really chilly loop it once around your neck, but otherwise this one’s best left draped open.

The five most on-trend autumn accessories 4

The Sturdy Boot

Things to look out for: Be bold, son. Don’t let the durable be the enemy of the stylish. Show a bit of flair down there.

The ones to get: Spanish footwear don Camper has nailed the winter gear this year, exemplified best by its outrageously cool Helix boot (£210). All the functionality of a walking shoe but the sleek design of urban treads. We mean it when we say these go with most anything, and with that sturdy Gore-Tex construction, they’re the best way to prevent the a*se-slide down the pavement that could turn into a “chump tumbles on ice” viral video.

Curated by Douglas Greenwood, editor of DIY fashion zine Frowning

Image credit: Lyst