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What's your suitcase secret weapon?

We know you have one: a square space in your luggage reserved for the King Shirt – but what to fill it with? Here's a few primo suggestions



It may well have been a German who coined the phrase “less is more” but when it comes to fashion no nation does it better than the French. Being simple and chic is hardwired into their cultural genetics and APC is no exception. Proof of this can be seen in this subtle, all-over print, which blows fresh air into the sails of a simple wardrobe staple.

What's your suitcase secret weapon?


This crisp, 100% cotton, candy-striped Oxford button-down exudes class. Not sold? Just try uttering the phrase “Yah, I parked the Orca in the harbour” while wearing it and watch waiters flock to your every need. Note however, that this tactic won’t work in Switzerland and other landlocked destinations. For maximum style points pair the UK-made shirt with some slim white jeans and Sperry pumps (sans socks of course).

What's your suitcase secret weapon? 1


It’s easy to instinctively shy away from a good flowery shirt; the look-at-me-sentiment it carries can be too much for most to handle. This style conundrum has been solved by handy Scandi designer Wood Wood. Its bold, oversized floral is majorly masculine making it feel more like a Stone Roses album cover than your granny's living room wall paper.

What's your suitcase secret weapon? 2


London based label Bruta only launched this year but they’re already making sizable waves on fashion’s high seas. Its inaugural collection is based on the Polynesian paintings of French post-impressionist Paul Gauguin and features ten tropical shirts. The perfect choice for anyone heading for steamy climes and a pina colada or two with some palm-festooned hula girls.

What's your suitcase secret weapon? 3

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