Style Icons: Nobel Prize Winners

How are you going to be a "better you" in 2016 without taking fashion cues from these five world-changing do-gooders?

Style Icons: Nobel Prize Winners


The East London playwright added the prize for literature to his bulging trophy cabinet in 2009, but the decision wasn’t met with unanimous delight, which should come as no surprise. Always outspoken and honest, he’d been a conscientious objector during the Cold War, and supported the campaigns for nuclear disarmament and anti-apartheid among others. During the invasion of Iraq he described Tony Blair as a “deluded idiot”. What can we learn from Pinter? That speaking our minds won’t make us popular but having courage in your convictions is a honourable pursuit. And that combining a military field jacket with a quality pair of ocular amenders and casual shoes makes you look understated and brilliant.

Style Icons: Nobel Prize Winners


Einstein famously said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” He equally could have quipped that a smart outfit doesn’t make a smart mind and used himself as the shining example. But for all his sartorial sloppiness there's still something about his "dad who's been left to his own devices for eight months" style that works. His anti-fit trousers would sit nicely in the likes of E. Tautz or any premium label's collection. He’s made the silhouette strong by keeping his knitted jumper and popped-collar polo shirt more fitted. E=MC Awesome.

Style Icons: Nobel Prize Winners 4


He was an insolent slum-kid that grew up to be a true literary great. And he knew how to rock a hat and suit combo better than any writer that’s ever lived. In his novels Bellow had a sharp eye for a character and this attention for detail clearly translates from the page to his wardrobe. The clean-lined black suit and white shirt combo is effortlessly classic but gets lifted to a new plain by his knitted tie and woven teardrop-shaped trilby. What’s really nice about this dome-topper is the extra-wide ribbon detail which makes it feel a bit more jovial.

Style Icons: Nobel Prize Winners 1


What's that? You're after a shining example of a great humanitarian, you say? Well, you could do far worse than this peace prize winner. The social rights campaigner has fought the good fight for almost everything worth fighting for, including apartheid, poverty, HIV/AIDS, racism, sexism and homophobia. He also became the first black archbishop of Cape Town but what you might not know is that he was also one of the pioneers of the "sport luxe" look. This all-black-everything sweat top and bottoms combo is seriously on-fleek but the Argyle socks and sneaker pairing has blown our tiny minds.

Style Icons: Nobel Prize Winners 2


The current American President won the peace prize "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples". Surprisingly, he’s not the only president to have won the award: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Jimmy Carter all took the shiny ceremonial coin home too. Barry O beats them all for cool points however. This leather aviator jacket is an ideal winter investment to keep the cold off your back and we can’t argue with his black roll neck and dark denim teaming either.

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