The Style guide: Newburgh St, W1

Our monthly guide to London’s most stylish streets takes on the finest 70-metre stretch of heritage menswear going


Transatlantic Wrist-Candy

Shinola Detroit


So damn chuffed with their Detroit heritage is Shinola that they full-caps SCREAM about it from the back of every handmade timepiece they put out. Full-caps… Christ! Slink into their store off Carnaby, lust-stroke the high-end turntable they also manufacture, then mouth-drool over their bold and cool Michigan-built watches.

Essential purchase: Ready the Tiny Tim limp’n’cough combo on the off-chance your landlord isn’t 100% cool about your December direct debit crashing and burning, then splurge on Shinola’s very worth it The Runwell Chrono (£675–£975).

Properly Historic Kit 

The Style guide: Newburgh St, W1

Fred Perry

Wring out any Fred Perry polo, and you’ll find yourself knee-deep in subculture heritage. Clean up that workplace hazard then fully buy into the Brit brand’s colourful, creative history, which started waaay back in ye olde Fifties on the back of tennis supremo, Wimbledon triple-winner and Stockport’s finest, Fred Perry.

Essential purchase: Call off the search! You’ve found it – Freddy P’s sailing-inspired Quilted Hooded Brentham (£160) ticks all your winter jacket ticky boxes. Left it pretty late though didn’t ya… maniac.

Indestructible Leather

The Style guide: Newburgh St, W1 1

Red Wing Shoes

Minnesota’s Red Wing make solid, faithful footwear to get far too attached to. To mourn the death of when, 60 years from now, they finally release their teeth from the fabric of this world. But before that they’ll take decades of beatin’ and mistreatin’, and look all the sweeter for it.

Essential purchase: Our feet shall not rest until they slide into these leather Foreman Chukka Boots (£239) – all-out classics designed with all-day comfort in mind

Slick Vintage Kicks

Onitsuka Tiger Newburgh St

Onitsuka Tiger

Lovely little story with this one: born in the Japan of the late Forties, a staple of the domestic running game by the Fifties, shaking up the American basketball scene in the Seventies, and helping you sprint through closing Tube doors and chase down lost Deliveroo drivers in 2017. Onitsuka Tiger has the goods to offer up on-point retro doozies like the best of them.

Essential purchase: Huff up the vintage goodness as you peel open a box of GSM tennis shoes (£75), and count down the days before you can take them outside without annihilating them in winter’s trainer traps.

Hard-As-Hell Outerwear

The Style guide: Newburgh St, W1 2


These are the clothes for the man you thought you were when you broke that well good stick over your knee in Richmond Park like some Bear Grylls T-1000, and won the approval of your father-in-law for good. Seattle’s super-hardy outerwear specialists have been doing rugged and refined garms since 1897, with their super-strength materials and classic cuts all slapped with a comforting lifetime guarantee.

Essential purchase: Treat yourself to the tools that’ll see you thrive in this take-six-weeks-of-washing-back-to-Mum’s-for-Xmas season. Treat yourself to a Filson Ballistic Nylon Barrel Pack (£130).