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The stylish way to survive autumn

Five wardrobe manoeuvres to hurl your post-summer blues into oblivion

A Statement Sweatshirt

Maturing your wardrobe to fit your grown-up age doesn’t mean having to trade in your cool boy sweat tops for drab cardigans and going corduroy crazy – it means saying "Not on my watch, hombre" to cheap, lesser garments undeserving of your drawer space. That's why you should get excited about Scandi brand Tonsure and its super luxe jumpers. This one unusually features both print and embroidery. Think you can handle both of 'em at once, big man?

The stylish way to survive autumn

A Shirt Jacket

Some people call these "shackets". Cut these people out of your life immediately. This awesome shirt jacket from do-no-wrong Brit brand Garbstore comes in the guise of a flight shirt, is made from Japanese combed cotton and nails the 'too hot for a coat too cold for a tee' conundrum that, until now, has reduced even the mightiest of warrior men to pathetic tearful tantrums.

The stylish way to survive autumn 1

A Retro Track Top

There's a reason why it's okay to have a wardrobe that looks like its travelled through a time-space portal all the way from your days of short shorts, playground kickabouts and a chronic fear of cooties - some of the world's coolest designers are teaming up with classic sportswear giants for their catwalk shows. Case in point: uber trendy Off-White and their collab with Umbro. Get in on the action with this 90's beauty.

The stylish way to survive autumn 2

A Chunky Roll Neck

Look. At. That. That, friend, is the greatest knitwear you'll lay eyes on this year. Fresh from the rails of Pretty Green, it's got a waffle-textured body, contrast panelling, and bags of detail with ribbed two-toned cuffs. Holy mother of mercy! And boy, does it tick the nice'n'toasty box: imagine it hugging your neck at half-time while everyone else endures sub-zero terrace temperatures and kicks themselves for not just catching the game in the pub instead.

The stylish way to survive autumn 3

Some Shearling Wool

This fuzzy fabric is traditionally (and predictably) used as a warm inner lining. Not when Penfield get a hold of it. They've gone full switcheroo and used it on the outside! Classic Penfield mad lad behaviour. But if you need further convincing that this isn't just "Dad's off to Homebase for gravel" wear, know that Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi and Rick Owens have recently done similar too.

The stylish way to survive autumn 4

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