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The Only Decent Review: The Night Of

Another classic for the HBO canon

Lead character Naz in The Night Of

So Naz, A Good Kid From A Good Family, borrows his dad's cab, picks up a girl, gets high with her, goes back to her flat, passes out and wakes up with a memory blank to find her brutally murdered. A riveting set-up supported by a top cast: John Turturro, Michael K Williams, Riz Ahmed. But while it first positions itself as a whodunit, it's more of a cutting Wire-style probe of the prison system and its corrupting qualities. Whether Naz killed her or not – and while you hope he didn't, you're never sure – his life has been irreparably damaged anyway by jail time. Towards the end of the eight episodes, some events feel contrived and implausible, which keeps it slightly beneath the Sopranos and Wire league, but it's definitely another classic for the HBO canon.

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