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How cool was your favourite kids' TV show?

An American clothing brand have decided to give Disney a hipster-friendly makeover. We came up with a few kiddy collabs of our own


Louche west-coast streetwear brand Neff have only gone and done a bloody collaboration with two-thirds-magical, one-third-sinister corporation Disney. Look: Mickey Mouse is edgy now. We mocked up a few make-believe collabs, fusing on-trend clothing labels with iconic kids' telly shows, then asked menswear expert Will Barnes how he thinks our fanciful creations would fare in the world of actual fashion...


"Fans of Supreme are pretty indiscriminate in their passion for anything the American street wear hype brand releases. Kids frequently sleep in front of their store. I see no reason why this collab, with its on-point colour scheme and, most importantly, Futura-fonted logo would be the exception. I can almost hear the kids crying 'Norman!' already."

How cool was your favourite kids' TV show? 2


"With Teletubbies hitting our screens in 1997, it's in prime position to pick up serious retro-points from young 20-something trendies who grew up with it. This one might still miss the top tier shops but it won't stop the usual gaggle of ironic hipsters treading the streets of East London decked out in this sweat with matching repeat print Tinky Winky joggers."

How cool was your favourite kids' TV show? 1


"Rainbow was always solid for dropping knowledge, so The Northface, with close to 50 years of know-how, makes the perfect team-mate. It's most likely that this'd be released on the brand's Purple Label, meaning it would be a Japan-only release. So while the Rainbow reference might get lost in translation, its serious exclusivity will only add to its desirability."

How cool was your favourite kids' TV show? 3

Neff gear is found here. Cheers to graphic designer Jamie Inglis for mocking up the garms